Mister Charlie

Jacob and I have always had a fondness for dogs. Throughout our six years of dating we would send each other videos and photos of dogs to brighten each others day. We both followed dog Instagram pages and would often just lay next to each other looking through photos of puppies and dreaming of the day we would get our own.

Jake would often send me text messages or letters, “dreaming of the day I get to snuggle up with you as my wife Mister Charlie's Ride Homeand our own pup.” He often tried convincing me to let him get a dog prior to us getting married but I always convinced him to wait until we could “raise it together.” So in true Jake-like fashion he waited… until the day we returned home from our Honeymoon. He had it all set up for us to pick up our very own dream puppy, our miniature schnauzer Mister Charlie the day we returned to California as husband and wife.

We brought home our 11 week old pup and immediately became obsessed. Jake read two puppy training books in preparation and had endless talks with our dear friend Katie, who is a professional dog trainer, to prepare (visit K9TrainingThatClicks.com if you need any help with your pups). Once we got our little guy we instantly fell in love. I clearly became obsessed, because how could I not. I started an instagram account for him– @MisterCharlie — and he quickly surpassed the amount of followers jake and I have combined.
Mister Charlie


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