Tearing the Veil

Tonight was Remnant’s 2nd birthday. It was by far the most incredible Remnant service I have yet to experience. Walking away from tonight, I am on such a high it’s hard to even explain. We had 381 students attending tonight, and it was such an incredible evening!

After service was over and teardown team was finishing up, we had our post-service meeting. In this meeting we celebrated the wins all across the board. We were all blown away by Gods faithfulness.

After we were about done, PCH spoke a word to us, and it cut to my core. He said that tonight showed the huge advances in our city that by Gods divine purpose we are experiencing. That he feels like all the difficulties, trials, tribulations, and hurt and pain we have all been through in the past month in both work and personal lives are no doubt the work of Satan trying every attempt to stop the work of the Lord. He is strategic in his attacks and we cannot be blind to them.

He also said he felt like God has been tearing the veils inside our hearts… That he is removing the things in our lives that are keeping us from him. That the tearing of our veils is not always a pretty thing, but it is a painful process… The tearing away of what we’re clinging onto too tight that is standing in the way of our relationship with God. This hit hard.

With everything going on right now in my life, I’ve felt the pain.. My heart has been so torn these past few weeks I could hardly take it. My flesh is constantly wanting me to quit, to give up on what I’m pushing towards, but when I seek out the Lord he pushes me to keep striding towards him.
Now I see it: God is tearing the veil in my heart, and although it’s a painful process, I know it is necessary.

Pushing forward… Despite the painful process required. Lord give me the strength.



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