The Oxford House

I've lived in this house for nearly twenty years. I know it's creaks, I know it's cracks. I know precisely what every light switch does and I know which power outlets work better than others. I know the exact amount of steps from my room to the restroom and can navigate there in the dark of night with only the slight moonlight that reflects down the hall from the tall windows above the formal dining room.


When little things align

About a year and a half ago my close friends and I deemed a quote worthy of our inspirations for the future,  "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." This quote gave us reason to step out of comfort zones, to push boundaries, and give us the umph we needed each … Continue reading When little things align

Camp Agape

Eighty percent of children of incarcerated parents in the US are bound to fall into the same footsteps as their parents and end up behind bars at some point in their lives. That’s 8 in every 10 kids. A few weeks ago, I was a part of something to help change that statistic for 151 … Continue reading Camp Agape

Breaking away from preconceived notions: Redefining Self

It’s rather interesting perspective you get on life when you relocate your life completely. Not knowing anyone or anything, you have the chance to be anyone or anything. A month ago I left southern California and everything I ever knew. I moved here to Honolulu without knowing a single person. This has given me an opportunity, … Continue reading Breaking away from preconceived notions: Redefining Self