Hawaii Summer Bucketlist

So basically, six of some of my closest girlfriends all live in a house together and I’m the non-rent-paying-roommate that crashes on the couch wayyy too often, but I bring a bottle or two of wine and it somehow evens things out. Well, they made a summer bucket list 2012 and I’m a little jealous and inspired… so I’ve set out to make my own Summer Bucket List but Hawaii version to get the most out of my experience here… I’ve been meaning to post it, so I may have done a few of these already haha but here goes my top thirty things I need to accomplish on this adventure I’ve taken living by myself on an island for the next couple months. 

1. Get someone to teach me how to surf.

2. Get on first name basis with local baristas.

3. Talk to at least one stranger per day. (small talk acceptable)

4. Go on a Hike.

5. Go snorkeling.

6. See Batman. (duh)

7. Kill a flying cockroach. (not appealing, but facing a fear is always healthy)

8. Eat something strange. (must be out of comfort zone, spam acceptable)

9.  Go to North Shore.

10. Ride on a moped.

11. Run all the way to the beach, swim, then run back home. 

12. Watch fireworks on the beach.

13. Learn basic Hawaiian pronunciations.

14. Read The Ragamuffin Gospel & journal.

15. Finish reading A Lineage of Grace.

16. Blog at least twice a week. 

17. Lose 10 lbs. 

18. Swim from one pier to the other in Waikiki. 

19. Send post cards to at least 10 people.

20. Visit Pearl Harbor.

21. Go Paddle Boarding.

22. Eat a coconut while under a palm tree. (*props to @foustie)

23. Eat a fresh pineapple.

24. Play a game of beach volleyball.

25. Increase freckle count by at least 50% and come back with the gnarliest Tan of my life. 🙂 

26. Cliff Jumping.

27. Find myself a church.

28. Get at least one underwater camera.

29. Go to the zoo.

30. Drink a mai tai on the beach. 


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