Writing Withdrawals

It’s always so stressful when I hold my words in for too long. It’s almost as if I start verbally vomiting out words that mostly can be deemed insanity if I don’t sit down and give myself ample time to let my mind wander onto the page. I stress myself out when I don’t write… and lets be real, this is my first blog since February. If only you could feel the angst inside my chest lately.

[Deep Breath]

So… what’s the easiest way to catch up on this year? How about a few photos? I figure that would be simple enough. Here’s goes nothing.

By: Foust Fotos
I graduated in June with my Bachelors in Comm. Journalism!
By: Brittan Lauren
Jacob and I went to Hawaii in Sept.
By: SkyWater Photography
And we got to swim with dolphins. (which was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done)

Yeah… I would say those are definitely the highlights of my year so far… besides the totally normal quarter-life crisis I have on a weekly basis. Just kidding, kind of. It really only happens when I look at a world map and realize I’ve got quite a bit to conquer. Unfortunately for me I’ve got one that covers my bedroom wall. 🙂 

But on a serious note, 25 is such a weird age. I feel like I am at a major crossroads in life; as if the next steps I take have the ability to effect my entire life outcome. What is odd though is that I feel like that in several areas of my life. I am reaching major decision making points where I feel like I’ve just been wondering down a trail and suddenly the road splits and I have to choose. I hate choosing.

I guess it is all a part of growing up though. Such an awful transition, that whole growing up thing. Paying rent, buying slacks more often than jeans, losing every nose ring you buy because inevitably Monday comes and out it must go, realizing the gym really does need to be a priority, and seriously considering the whole eight-hours of sleep a night might actually be something important.

Well… all of this rambling to say, you can expect some blogs again. Don’t worry I promise they won’t all be as scatterbrained as this one.

Welcome back friends, to the Heart of Brittan.


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