Breaking away from preconceived notions: Redefining Self

It’s rather interesting perspective you get on life when you relocate your life completely. Not knowing anyone or anything, you have the chance to be anyone or anything.

A month ago I left southern California and everything I ever knew. I moved here to Honolulu without knowing a single person. This has given me an opportunity, a freedom of sorts, to be exactly the person I want to be, without any preconceived notions.

This has been both an exciting opportunity but also a defining opportunity. It has taught me a lot about myself and brought things to my attention that I may have never noticed before. 

When given the chance to redefine who it is exactly that you are, you start to see traits that you fall into because you have been labeled that way by those who you are surrounded by. Granted, most of the labels we’re given are not without reason, but some may be due to a mistake or outdated, but we aren’t exactly given a clean slate to wash those stereotypes away all too often in life.

The crazy part is that even without people surrounding us labeling us with preconceived notions of our personality, we tend to take on those characteristics that have been lavished upon us, whether we want them or not.

However, when you start fresh somewhere new, you can assess who it is exactly that you want to be, the legacy you want to leave, and you have the opportunity to experience real change.

Over the past month, I have seen characteristics in me that have defined me over the past few years. I have been able to take a look at how exactly I present myself, what I believe about myself, and decide exactly who I want to be. It’s been challenging and freeing, but the biggest challenge is yet to come… when I return home to be surrounded again by everything I’ve been the past 24 years. 

One thing is for sure: if given the opportunity to leave everything you know behind for a season, take it… it will give you a perspective on life you’ve never seen before, and it has probably been the healthiest thing I’ve ever done. 


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