Com 300

Today is my second day of the quarter and I am tired. I have class from 10am until 7pm with only one hour break, and that isn’t even including time for commute. The most tiring part of my school days is my run of 3 consecutive classes in the same room. My brain gets about a 5 minute break every two hours to step outside the classroom and breathe a breath of fresh air as opposed to the stale air of room 1 308 that I have to breathe for 6 hours every Tuesday and Thursday.

I have to admit, the fact all the classes I have left are my major classes gives me more incentive to actually learn the material. It also gives me a different stress level that it isn’t just about getting a grade and forgetting about it, but it is about learning and developing skills that I will need to develop and use for my future career. It means I have to purchase more text books, actually read them, and soak in as much information as possible; not for the purpose of passing a test, but to increase my skill set.

I have only about a year left of classes here at Cal Poly and I couldn’t be more excited. I have a lot of interesting classes left that fall into my journalism emphasis that I am looking forward to. There are also a couple things I am nervous about. The first is taking two quarters of newspaper practices in which I will be on staff for the Poly Post. The second is that I am required to do an internship as part of my major class units. Both of these opportunities are extremely exciting, but the time consuming nature of both make me nervous. Time management is one of my biggest challenges because I am both going to school and working 30 hours a week.

So now the journey of working through college gets a little more difficult as I have to assess whether I am willing to let go of my job in order to finish school or just push through.

-Brittany Ritzi


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