Rainy Days

Today is one of those rainy days I absolutely love. I work mostly alone on Fridays. I am in the office all day music blasting and today the sound of rain and roar of thunder kept me entertained. 

I am that Californian that longs for rainy days. It is something about rain that just clears everything else away. It makes for perfect atmosphere to snuggle up and drink a hot cup of coffee or go out be adventurous and play in the rain. 

My favorite way to spend rainy days is going to Disneyland. Ever since I was a young girl I always loved going outside and playing in the rain getting drenched. Growing up my brothers and I used to go outside and jump on the trampoline in the rain or try and build dams in the gutters to stop the rain from going down the drain. haha oh childhood. 🙂 

Anyways, when I go to disneyland in the rain it gives me an “adult” reason to be outside getting drenched in the rain. And not to mention it is always empty which is awesome. Unfortunately work and homework are keeping me from the happiest place on earth today… but until next time. 


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