how did i get here?

I realize that because I literally got the offer, accepted, and hopped on a plane within a time span of about ten days, not everyone really knows what I’m doing out here… so instead of explaining when people ask… I can just send them this url. Lazy… maybe.

So, this year is going to be my last year of college. I have two quarters left before I am done with my Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Journalism. In order to be handed an overpriced pretty piece of paper at the end of my five year college career, I have to complete an internship in communications. So with that in mind, over the past six months I have been applying to countless internships for journalism, communications, etc. I hadn’t really been getting any replies, and so my sister had offered to shuffle my resume around within the nation-wide non-profit that she works for in Los Angeles. 

I had already reached a point of boredom at home in California, and to be honest I was at a place in life where I needed a refresher. I needed a new scenery, a new outlook, new influence, and overall a new atmosphere to assess who the heck I am, where I’m going, and what it is I really want. With that came open-minded thinking that I would be willing to relocate for an internship if the opportunity presented itself. 

So one week before summer break, I had still not found an internship and my sister gave me a call. She said that the non-profit she works for, The Arthritis Foundation’s Hawaii branch was losing their Admin and the Executive Director there had seen my resume and asked if I would be willing to come Temp for them for the summer to give them a little more time to fill the position. 

Excited with the possibility of just getting away from “it all” I said yes to which my sister replied, “Good book a flight and find somewhere to live, they want you to start in 10 days.” Excitement drained out and stress immediately filled every ounce of my being. Somehow in a whirlwind of the next week and half, I found myself a room to rent in a shared condo, booked myself a flight, packed everything I need for the summer in two suitcases, and somehow managed to beast through my finals. 

As my last few days in California came to a close it became evident to me that as much as I “wanted” to get away, I was a point where I “needed” it, and I had no doubts that God had a big hand in sending me thousands of miles away from the comforts of home. So I hopped on a plane, and took on the adventure of going to an island where I don’t know a soul… and here I am. 


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