Anaheim: Slater’s 50/50 burgers by design

Photo by: Brittany Ritzi

This past week I ventured out to one of my favorite burger restaurants in Southern California, Slater’s 50/50 in Anaheim Hills. If you’re not familiar with Slater’s, let me explain what all the rave is about, their 50/50 burger. Half bacon, half beef. Need I say more?

I think it’s obvious that Americans have an unhealthy obsession with bacon, and I am totally guilty. As child, I remember telling my mom that bacon and French fries were my favorite foods, and if I’m honest with myself they’re still  pretty high up there on my list. I even remember when I found out that bacon was really pig I freaked out facing the biggest moral dilemma I had ever experienced as a child, as bacon was my favorite food and pigs were my favorite animals.

Obviously, I grew up to understand the food chain and my love for all the cute little piglets I see every year at the LA county fair hasn’t stopped me from indulging in chocolate covered bacon on the same trip!

Back to Slater’s, the restaurant and bar are pretty casual dining, packed with flavor. When you’re seated you are handed a menuand a design it menu that lists all the burger options and you fill in exactly how you want your burger. The wide variety of toppings, from Thanksgiving stuffing to deep-fried pickles, makes every burger unique and you even get to give your burger a name adding a little personality to your burger.

It’s not just the burgers that suck me into this calorie driven meal, but the appetizers and beer list are ridiculous! As far as the beer list, they’ve got over 25 beers on tap including both domestics, imports, and several local brews. Sweet potato fries, deep fried artichoke hearts, onion strings, design your own macaroni and cheese and vampire dip (a cheesy, garlicky, artichoke dip) are a few of my favorites. The appetizer platters are especially a good deal during happy hour as they are half off. You get to choose a combination of two, there, or four appetizers to join your burger by design.

This week I went with a burger I have gotten on several occasions because of its perfection of flavor combination, and luckily I had my sister along with me to share the massive burger. So what is this combo of perfection you may ask? My burger by design was as follows, 1/3 lb. 50/50 patty (half ground beef and half ground bacon), whole wheat bun, vampire dip, tapatio ranch, green leaf lettuce, red onions, and deep fried onion strings.


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