Chino Hills: Dripp Coffee

Vanilla Latte @ Dripp. Photo By: Brittany Ritzi

A morning cup of Joe is not something I take lightly. Of course, I have my usual order ready for the baristas at Starbucks if I happen to walk through the doors of convenience. However, nothing brings me greater joy than finding an off the chain coffee shop. Dripp at the Shops in Chino Hills is just that! A hip, new coffee shop with a comfortable yet modern feel.

There are several things that make this coffee shop something worth while . First of all, they are not just a coffee bar. They specialize in both a steam bar and a cream bar: steam for espresso drinks and cream for specialty ice creams.

At the cream bar, they offer unique ice cream including savory flavors including as Guinness and Nutella within their variety of eight per day. The neat part is that Dripp specializes in custom ice cream sandwiches. You get to choose two cookies and ice cream and the baristas stack it together to make a sugary treat that’s bound to satisfy any sweet tooth.

For those looking for a caffeine boost, the steam bar offers a variety of great coffee, espresso, and a selection of custom drinks. The beans Dripp brews are what sets this coffee shop apart from chain competition. They brew Intelligentsia Coffee, Espresso Republic, and Black Goat. Personally, I love the smooth, rich flavor of Intelligentsia Coffee, and previously having to drive to Los Angeles to enjoy this unique coffee I was ridiculously excited to find a coffee shop closer to me that brewed their beans!

One specialty espresso drink that has caught my attention is Dripp’s Brou La La, which is their version of a creme brulee latte in which they actually cover the top with sugar and caramelize it with a blow torch and serve it with a spoon to break through the crisp topping on your caramelized drink. The sweetness of this drink is the only thing that would stop me from ordering it more often, but when I’m in the mood for something sweet, it is hands down a go-to order for me.


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