Roscoe’s Famous Deli

Silly Billy @ Roscoe’s Famous Deli. Photo by: Brittany Ritzi

Roscoe’s Famous Deli has recently been added as a favorite in my list of mouth watering local spots. To set the scene, so you don’t let the word deli throw you off, this is far more than a sandwich shop. Roscoe’s is both a deli and a bar. It has two great locations. One is in Chino Hills and the other, my favorite, is located in the SoCo district of Downtown Fullerton.

There are a variety of items ranging from salads and pastas to burgers and sandwiches. There is bound to be something appealing to everyone’s tastebuds.

Since this is my blog and you’ve probably come to expect it, let’s talk about my favorite menu item. The flavors I’ve so recently began to crave are those of the Silly Billy sandwich. The Silly Billy is one of the deli favorites and it consists of thick slices of toasted sour dough bread, piled high with 9 ounces of turkey and Vienna corned beef, pepperjack cheese, Mayo, and mustard (which I opt. out of). With each sandwich also comes side of your choice. Side options include: Roscoe’s famous curly fries, steak fries, potato chips, fresh fruit, or potato, macaroni or pasta salad.

If you’re wondering, as I did, how a corned beef and turkey sandwich can possibly be worthwhile, trust me! Since my beautiful sister introduced me four weeks ago, I’ve made my way to Roscoe’s three times already with a fourth trip planned for this Friday to indulge in this incredibly flavorful meal.

Another detail that makes Roscoe’s an easy favorite of mine is that it is owned by the same owners as one of my favorite Downtown Fullerton bars, Heroes. In the slightly less extensive manner that Heroes does, Roscoe’s offers a variety of draft beers, giving guests a chance to enjoy more than average domestic brews with their meal.

My beer of choice varies with whatever I may be craving; however, there always seems to be something suiting my mood. Today, my selection was the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin. Its flavor was both a rich spicy flavor almost imitating a red, but with distinct pumpkin spice to set this fall time brew apart from the rest.

So whether you’re stopping by for lunch or after a night of drinking in downtown be sure to give this deli a try. And one last tip: don’t be afraid to split. Portions are hearty!


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