Chicago: Vacation Eats

So far this blog has consisted of eateries in and around Southern California; however, next week I will be making my annual vacation to Chicago and I am excited to have an outlet more than Twitter and Instagram to tell of all the good eats there. This will be the third year that my boyfriend and I take a trip to the “windy city” to get away, visit friends, and undoubtedly gain at least 5 pounds. We have amazing friends in the city that are foodies as well, so every year they introduce us to the new spots they’ve discovered and we basically plan our entire trip around good food and conversation.

I say all this to ready you for some of the blogs that will result from next week’s adventure, and also to give some tips to anyone who may be planning a trip to Chicago. I must warn you though; the few places I am about to tell you about will most likely have you eager to book a flight to the Midwest sometime in the near future.

So now, for the rundown of a couple of my favorite spots that have become mandatory anytime we find ourselves in Chi-Town:

Hot Doug’s– This “Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium” is the redefinition of a hot dog. I couldn’t understand how a hot dog could ever actually be something worth craving, but somehow Hot Doug’s has become the first thing to eat when we land in Chicago and the last thing we eat before we leave. It is that good! There will definitely be a full post on this next week, but if I’ve spiked your curiosity already, just head over to their site and read today’s specials.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria– Okay so it’s not going to be what you’re expecting… this is not Chicago-style deep dish. Instead it’s more like a New York-style thin crust pizza, but definitely worth talking about.  Piece Pizza is one of my two favorite pizzas, the other being So Cal’s Pizza Port. Can’t wait to tell you more later, but one thing is for sure, I’ll definitely be mentioning their goat cheese appetizer. (intrigued?… you should be!)

Ipsento– I love how many unique independent coffee shops are littered all over the city! Ipsento is one that had me at Nutella. Their unique variety of  latte’s includes the Nutella latte and their famous Ipsento that includes a level of “sass” with the addition of Cheyenne pepper! I am looking forward to warming up with a Sassy Ipsento during the chilly December weather that will definitely have this Southern California girl shivering.

Well, those are just a few of my favorites but I’m sure I’ll be telling you about a lot more next week!


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