Start of my career… that’s weird.

Well hello, its been awhile since I’ve written from the heart, I suppose its time. Hard to believe it is already the end of February. This year, as most do, is just flying and it’s a rather big year for me. On January 7, 2013 I started my last quarter of college at Cal Poly and also started my first job as a writer, well getting paid that is. I got hired by the City of Corona to write for the Inner Circle Corona website and handle their social media outlets. I love it.

The timing was absolutely perfect, and I know I am exactly where I should be for right now. As you may remember, I spent last summer in Hawaii for three months. It was hands down, the best summer of my life and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. However, coming back from a relaxing, yet hard-working summer in paradise was a rough transition into the hardest quarter of college I had yet to experience and a job search was draining. The accounting job I had (yes… I know still crazy to me too that I worked with numbers for three years) ended up being very part-time because of my school schedule, so I had been on the job hunt since before I even got back to California.

Living four months unable to even get a job I was overqualified for when I was 16 was ridiculously frustrating. Starbucks wouldn’t take me, target wouldn’t take me, nothing… and I’ve had Starbucks and retail experience before. Then something funny happened. I went to lunch with a dear mentor of mine and complained dreadfully so about how I couldn’t get a job and I felt God was being pretty unreasonable not opening any doors for me. The next day I got a text.

My friend asked if I was still looking for a job, to which I replied, “duh.” She went on to tell me that she heard the city was looking for a writer to cover what’s going on in the city. I instantly was interested, as that’s precisely what I’ve been going to school for. I ended up having a great phone interview the next day followed by the best hour-long interview I’ve ever had in my life just a week or two later… and get this… I was hired on the spot. I know, I know… little bragging here but it was kinda a big deal. 🙂

I’ve never felt so qualified and excited going into a job as I have with this one. I wake up WAY too early every day and work ten-hour days, and I still love it. Weird. I finally realize it’s true what they say, do what you love and it won’t be work. I’ve been at the job for about 7 weeks now and it has its challenges but it’s continually allowing me to grow and its a lot of fun.

I’ve got three weeks left of my college career, I couldn’t be more thrilled. All the hard work, late nights, and endless projects finally over and I get to receive that overpriced piece of paper I will hang on my wall the rest of my life. And what’s even better is that dreadful post college job search that everyone fears, well I don’t have to face it… because I’m kind of ridiculously blessed.


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