Cal Poly Success

Success… I made it to and from Cal Poly Pomona without making any U-turns! I was so proud of myself. Now did I walk around totally lost on campus trying to find my classroom, yes, but that was to be expected! 🙂 None the less… I had my first class, felt confident that the transition to Univeristy from Community College would not be as scary as I expected. I found my way to the library, the bookstore, two starbucks, and my class, I felt so accomplished. 

One more exciting moment of my night, the Cal Poly Pomona Rose Parade Float was on campus and students were allowed to come over and take all the roses off of float and take them home! It was so neat to me that flowers that made up a float of which got broadcasted all over the country to be one of the most popular things to be watched on new years day, are now sitting in a vase on my table. 🙂 

It’s the little things in life.

Brittan Lauren


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