First Day

Well today is my first day back at work after a most wonderful week off. The week off provided a time of much needed slow down. I spent a whole day at home, other than that I’m not sure I can remember the last time I was able to do that. Today is my first day of my work schedule going back to part time 24 hours a week, yet I need to handle business and accomplish it all still. Today is also my first day of school at Cal Poly Pomona University. My feelings are so full of interesting things today. A little bit of stress, a little bit of anxiety, a little bit of nervousness, and a little excitement, add a little bit of feeling accomplished in there, and that’s pretty much where I’m at today.

I get lost, almost daily, or at least anytime I go somewhere new. Today I will be going to Cal Poly’s campus for only the second time, and last time I got lost going and coming home. I previously ended up at Raging Waters on both my attempt to make it to school and come home from it last time, so with a deep breath and mapquest in hand, I hope to make it on the first attempt today.

Well, this might be a short simple kinda lame and lack of creativity post, especially since it is the first of this new blog i am starting for 2011… but oh well. I’ll attempt to work my creative muscle later.

With much anx’t,
Brittan Lauren


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