waste of concern, but concern nonetheless

This is the point at which he is supposed to say “it’s okay britt, I love you, we’ll talk about things later.” Instead I get no response after I apologize for the way I acted last night. Last night it was a prime example of blowing up after not talking about little things that bother me. I just let them all add up into something bigger than it ever should have been. Now I’m sitting at work completely worried about my relationship when I really need to be focused on the work I need to get done with this week. So much is going on, and all around me things are changing and expected of me, and I feel so stressed. I just wish right this second I could close my eyes and open them again and be up in the mountains… sitting on top of a slope. Cleared thoughts, snowboard attached to my feet, and just able absorb the atmosphere while getting everything else off my mind. But… since here I am, sitting at my desk, work piled all around me I’ll use the alternative, headphones on… music playing… bury myself in my work and hope I can stop worrying about the little things that are a waste of concern. 



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