please excuse me while I vent: 

I am sick. I am working. I worry too much. I push myself too much. I am stressed. I feel like I am already behind in school, although I’ve barely started. Deep breath. Cough. hah. I have to balance work, which entails managing 32 hours worth of work into the mere 24 hours I am now working. I have to balance School, which is a stress of getting to and from on time along with getting into the correct classes, along with homework, which is already piling up. I also have to balance being on Remnant Staff. I have to rush after class on Tuesdays to somehow make it through traffic to make it back to church at 6 for our pre-service meeting. I have to balance being a good girlfriend and making sure that Jake feels loved and appreciated, and the time I want to spend with him. I have to balance my own things at home that I have to stay on top of including my chores, laundry, cleaning my room, etc. I have to spend time on building and bettering myself. I have to balance doing my own reading and writing and giving myself time to think and vent and a moment to just sit and breathe. I also have to manage my finances, which I make way harder than it should be. I need to save and buy a car, I also need to buy a computer for my schoolwork. ahhh…… this is what is running through my head on the backburner at all times… all of the above is my constant to do list that is silently stressing me out from some far corner of my brain. It’s almost like I’m playing old school mario and if I turn my back on the little ghosts they slowly creep up on me… I feel like all my to-do’s are slowly creeping up on me. AHHHHHHHH lol. i dont have time to be sick. that’s all.

back to work,

Brittany Lauren


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