Passions of the Heart

Wrote this quite a while back, but read it today and decided it was post worthy… unlike the other 90% of [myspace] blog posts from my emo-brittany days. 🙂 

The passion within the depths of our inner-most being is non-other than the voice of God. It is him who gives us the fuel for our search for wholeness; it is him who gives us the longing to do the things that make us feel truly alive. Jesus tells us in Matthew that the most important thing in Christianity is Love. Christian life is really just a love affair of the heart. When we try to live strictly by principles and ethics we are not fully satisfied and will never be, because our longing is for true love. Our heart is the key. In Romans 1:21-25 Paul tells us that the hardness of heart is behind all addictions and evils. Hence, the reason God heeds warning in Proverbs that “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” So what is it that God has placed on your heart? The part of you that screams with passion. Listen to it, and never let the fear of failure hold you back from the dreams and desires the Lord has given you.

–Brittan ‘08


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