Faithful in little…

I am at a point where I can undoubtedly see Gods hand upon the direction that I am headed in. I truly believe that if you are faithful in the little things he will entrust you with a lot more than you could have imagined. God has placed on my heart things that for several years I was not confident enough to pursue, and Satan had a great way if convincing me that I was not qualified to do the things I was designed to do. I had several insecurities that I wasn’t good enough, and those insecurities still find their way into my mind, but I took small steps and was faithful in the little and it looks as though my small steps are turning into longer strides. It was only through starting off attempting things i never would have tried that allows me now to be confident to tackle even larger tasks and attempt things that even 2 months ago I wouldn’t have thought of myself as qualified.
I really hope the direction things seem to be flowing in turns out the way it looks to be, but the Lord will be the one to open or close these doors I seem to be standing outside of.


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