A change in direction…

There’s a change in the wind that’s blowing through my life… today the change brought a new fresh lightness to things. I am ever so excited, nervous, and relieved all at the same time. Transitions in life are always so interesting, the inability to know what to expect, yet so excited for whatever change it brings.

I feel like this last year has been a good year, but its been a year of just aligning myself in right direction God wants to lead me in. Last year I was allowed to experience a full year of being with a most fabulous man of God and be challenged and pushed to really accept the point in life I am getting to. Last year I got out of my retail job, and God brought me to South Hills, placing several amazing women of God in my life. Little did I expect such great relationships to be established. Last year both of my best friends moved out of state, which made me even more grateful for the relationships God placed all around me. Last year, I took the challenging step for me to get back into youth ministry and started serving as part of the Remnant Staff. It was a lot of transition last year, but I feel like this year is going to have a lot more in store. 

These past few weeks different things have all been lining up, and no I’m not talking about the stars. 🙂 Passions in my heart have been able to be fulfilled, God has been opening doors that I was unsure would ever open. God has been preparing me mentally, relationally, and professionally to step into the next step of life I’m headed in… and for that I’m excited. 

Soon enough I will explain more fine details of the changes coming, but for now I will leave you with this… God honors faithfulness. 

Truly Blessed,

Miss Brittan


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