See What I did there?

Yesterday I got to attend a Southern California Youth Convention Planning meeting. I was one of about eight people who were in this meeting. Oh and not only was I the only female in the room, but the youngest as well. When sitting in this meeting we had a time of brainstorming what we wanted to have the students experience at Youth Convention this year. (for those who don’t know, AG Youth Convention is a 3 day conference put on for a few thousand teens every fall). I brought up giving students a challenge or next step to walk away from the convention with. For instance, giving them an opportunity to go into missions, or to an internship such as LSSC. Give them guidance and information on what more they can do if they want to “be the change” as last years theme loudly proclaimed. The meeting went great and ideas, themes, logistics were discussed that ignited in me a passion for the opportunities laid before me.

Shortly after the meeting was over I was thinking for a moment about what all had just taken place. The greatness of God’s divinity in my life had shone through as always, but it took me a moment to realize. When the light bulb for me finally lit, felt as though God was chuckling at me saying “see what I did there”:

In high school my youth group went to a youth conference called Acquire the Fire. At this conference I felt empowered as a young person and it sparked a need in me to be about something bigger than myself. The following year, when students were given the opportunity to stand up to dedicate a year of their life to ministry through an internship called the Honor Academy, I stood. A few months later after high school graduation I moved to the “great” state of Texas and for the next 17 months I worked in a ministry which empowered youth to go onto the mission field, inspired teens all across the US every weekend at ATF Conferences, and ran an internship of approximately 500 college age students. My internship allowed me to grasp who I really wanted to become and caused growth in me that I couldn’t have expected. Although extremely challenging, with both the highs and lows of ministry, I know God had me there for specific purposes. 

Two years after I moved home I found myself working for South Hills Church in an administrative position within accounting. (strange considering I’m much better with words than numbers). After about a year of being resistant I could not deny my heart for youth ministry and God opened the doors. All this brings me to my position today as the Remnant Administrative and Programming Director. I get to work under one of the greatest leaders I know, and because of that I am able to sit in meetings like the one I started telling you about at the beginning of this blog. It’s crazy to see how puzzle pieces fit together. 

Although I feel like my life is still on the brink of beginning, God has already prepared me for so much. I find myself sitting in awe that I am now working in an entirely different ministry in which I get to bring to the table ideas, thoughts, and insights on both conventions and student internships. Seriously God, only you can be accredited with that coincidence… and “yes, I see what you did there”



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