The quest for the internship of a lifetime…

As my senior year at Cal Poly is in full force the pressure to find and complete and internship this summer is at the top of my to do list. At first the thought of HAVING to complete an internship in order to graduate frustrated me. Now, however, the opportunities that are presenting themselves have gotten me more excited to start my post collegiate life. 

I’ve decided I want to get away from this town for the summer. Where to go, I’m unsure, but any door that so much as cracks open I am willing to push my way through. I want to get away from everything I know and immerse myself in someplace new. I want to experience new places, new people, and most of all gain memories of a time of independence. I’ve been searching all over the country for internships and praying I’ll find one that coincides in a city where I may have a couch to crash on for the summer. 

Along my search my mom mentioned that she has an acquaintance from her train ride to Los Angeles everyday who works for ABC. He is a pretty big deal from what I hear and he works in HR so if there were job or internship opportunities he would be the one to know. She mentioned to him that I am a Com Journalism major and inquired if he knew of any internship opportunities and he said he did in New York and Los Angeles and to have me send him my resume. 

At the news of this I FREAKED OUT. Realistically, I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but even the possibility of interning for ABC News in New York fills me with a sense of hope an excitement to launch my career in a way I honestly haven’t dreamed possible. So now I am hoping and praying that this door that is cracked open just enough to get my resume in will be enough!

All I keep thinking is the possibility of walking into a room with Diane Sawyer, I’m pretty sure I’d pass out. 🙂 


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