Week 8

Week 8 has hit and along with the final weeks of the quarter the final projects, as usual, all seem to hit at once.  This quarter I have projects in all 4 of my classes and the tiny voice in the back of my mind is starting to make a lingering list of things I need to accomplish in order to successfully pass my classes this quarter. One thing after the next seems to be piling up. Silent stress levels are becoming more apparent through muscle tension, headaches, nerves on end… and its not even finals week.

Group projects don’t make the situation any easier. I still don’t understand certain professors insistence on assigning massive group projects. I know the need to learn skills to work well with people, but I believe simple in class exercises can accomplish that rather than relying on other students’ performance to help determine a huge percentage of your quarter grade. To rely on other people in a way that can make or break my g.p.a. for the quarter majorly irritates me.

All this to say…  the final weeks of the quarter are exciting that we’ve made it through another set of classes. Four more checks off the degree completion sheet, 16 less units needed to graduate, and another quarter down in this seemingly endless pursuit of my college degree, but with the excitement comes the final push through stress.

Time for a coffee break.


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