Today at disneyland, I witnessed the taping of Modern Family. I walked into the park, saw camera crews, and then spotted Ed O’neil. Instantly star struck, I busted out my iPhone to take a photo, only to be struck down by the Disney Security. My friends and I stopped for a moment, watched a few takes then continued our way down main street.

It’s always funny when I travel out of state, the two things people ask me when they find out I am from California are: do you surf? And do you see celebrities all the time? I think it’s funny that’s what comes to mind when people think of California, but it is somewhat true.

I feel privileged to be able to even go to Disneyland whenever I would like. And the ability to happen to walk onto the scene of a movie or television set is pretty awesome. A couple friends of mine were talking about going to see a taping of American Idol, and I love that we have the ability to be so close to so many neat things.

Mostly… guess I’m just lucky to be an Californian.


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