Power of Print

This quarter I am taking my reporting two class and I am also a staff writer for The Poly Post. This means the majority of the quarter is going to be pursing stories and writing articles. Truth: the responsibility of working on staff at the Post scares me, yet leaves me giddy with the idea that I am going to be published on a weekly basis. 

My first experience this past weekend of pursing the story I was assigned to write for the Post was exhilarating. I literally was out getting post-event interviews in the rain at 11 p.m. Saturday night only to be up all night reviewing those interviews, picking out quotes, formatting, and finally writing and editing my story. By 5 a.m. I submitted my first story four hours shy of my 9 a.m. deadline. 

From the moment I hit submit I was so anxious for Tuesday to come. Knowing that my story would be printed in the paper excited me ridiculous amounts. I don’t know that I want to be a reporter for the rest of my life [funny coming from a 4th year journalism major, right?] but I do know that the thrill of knowing my words will be printed for the world [or for now Cal Poly students] to read is something I can’t ignore. 

For me, there is power in having my work printed… not just some blog people may never read, not just in my journal kept close to my bedside, but out for the public eye. To be read, to be critiqued, and hopefully to be able to spark something inside of even just one person. 


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