freedom for mistakes

Sometimes I get slapped with lessons in life. I partially blame it on the German blood in me, but there’s something that until things click in my head, nothing anyone else is going to say is going to sink into conviction in my heart unless I feel it on my own. I have to learn my own lessons and tonight I got slapped with one. 

Often in life, we will fight for those we love. We will defend them to no end. It’s virtuous and human to want to keep those you love from hurt or pain, because when they hurt we hurt. Empathy. It’s one of my strengths and weaknesses I have come to find out lately… but that’s a whole different story, back to what I was saying. 

In our culture its seen as virtuous to protect the ones you love, yet sometimes we get a little too caught up trying to protect the ones we love that we eventually hurt them instead. Ironic. 

Life is full of hurts, but its also full of healings. Without hurts, the beauty of restoration wouldn’t exist. When we try to protect others because we don’t want them to experience hurt  or pain its foolish. There will always be pain, if we try to take that all away and protect them from it, we take away their life. 

People are people and their choices in life will define who it is they become. The hurts we may encounter, the pains we may face are none other than a small piece of the puzzle that makes us exactly the person we’re meant to be. 

Without mistakes we will have never gotten anything right, we would never feel the freedom of Grace. Without mistakes we would never learn. Yes, some mistakes are bound to hurt and cause us pain, but maybe we shouldn’t be so afraid of it.

Because, just maybe, those things that we want so badly to protect the ones we love from are the very things that they need to experience so they can see the beauty found in the opposite. 


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